Advisory Service/Commissions

I offer a support service for those wishing to use vintage and/or recycled audio/video in artistic contexts. Services include:

  • Audio and Video format transfers, duplication and reproduction.
    Video formats handled include VHS, Betamax, Video 8, Video 2000, VHS-C.
    Audio Formats include: Open reel (quarter inch, any size spool and track configuration), compact cassette, mini cassette, microcassette, Grundig Stenocassette, 8 track cartridge, vinyl records, shellac (78 rpm) discs.
  • Installation advice, maintenance
  • Equipment hire/loan
  • Equipment installation
  • Vintage Audio and Video equipment repair and restoration
  • Design/ Construction of custom/commissioned pieces using vintage audio or video technology

Previous and current technical advisory work includes:

2016: Arte sonoro en España 1961-2016 (Madrid, Fundación Juan March)

2015: Lugán y la Bienal Sao Paolo 1973 (Madrid, Galeria Jose de la mano, comisariado Aramis López)

2011: Vostell Happenning (Tais Bielsa Rey/Marta Palacios, La Rêverie Films)

2008: Setting Up the Banquet (Hong Kai Wang)

2006: Parque temático electro-mecánico (con Javier Perez Aranda/ EnBabia prods.)


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