CV / List of Events, Exhibitions, Performances

CV/ Event list
Installations, Exhibitions, Performances (selection)

2019: Installation (video): 1969 – 2019: Don’t believe in what you’ve never known. Exposición SeAlquila: Futuro, Madrid.

2019: Performance: First Original Spanish Nationalist Drive in Church and Bank. Exposición Votox, ABM Confecciones, Madrid.

2019: Installation (video): 1969-2019: Don’t believe in what you’ve never known. EMBARRAT LA GRAN MAQUINA VI, Museo trepat, Llerida

2018: Performance: – Romería y chulería (colab. Andrés Montes). Espacio Naranjo/Barrio Tetuan, Madrid.

2018: Installation (audio): Playing Time (Past continuous). Exhibition Se Alquila Tiempo, Matadero, Madrid.

2017-18: Installation (video): Retrospective Presupuesto 6€. Exhibition La Cara Oculta de la luna. CentroCentro, Madrid.

2017: Release, audio cassette Unit Audio (Staaltape records, Berlin)

2017: Installation (Audio): We’ll never learn, continued. Collaboration w/Andrés Montes, Theredoom gallery, Madrid

2017: Performance (modified tapes and records) /Presentation. GRS – AVLAB. Medialab-Prado, Madrid

2016: Installation (Video): Closed Circuit or Who’s got your Videotape collection, Espacio Nigredo art space, Madrid.

2016: Installation (audio): Usa el autoreverse. (Remake of Grand Mal Editions, Exhibition Arte Sonoro en España, Fundación Juan March, Madrid.

2015: BootLeg Action (with Rinus Van Alebeek), Cruce Gallery, Madrid.

2015: Participación restauración piezas Exposición LUGÁN 1973.

2015: Participación festival/expo Arcotangente con pieza sonora ‘Spanish Study’

2014: Participación festival/expo Arcotangente con pieza sonora ‘Residuos indeseables’

2013: Performance (tapes and records) Barcelona en Butoh with Gyohei Zaitsu

2013: Participación festival/expo Arcotangente con pieza sonora ‘We’ll never learn

2012: Audiovisual performance SoundIsVirus, Madrid

2012: Joint concert with Equipo Elevador, Madrid

2012: Audiovisual performance: Analogue happening#2. C’est la Vie, Madrid

2012: Installation (Audio) Found Tapes, a Magnetic Attraction. Wolstenholme Creative Space, Liverpool.

2011: Audiovisual Performance, Analogue happening, La Tabacalera, Madrid
2010: Installation (video), Autoretrato televisivo, Asoc. Cultural Mediodiachica, Madrid

2010: Installation (Video) Analogue Switchover, Off limits Gallery Madrid
2009: Installation (Audio) Your magnetic lifetime, DrapArt, CCCB, Barcelona
2009: Performance for turntables and answering machines, Sala Basico Madrid (with Hotel Gromala)
2009: Performance (tapes) The 15 mins of fame orchestra. International Noise conference, Madrid
2008: Sound Performance (tapes), Found tapes of the fleamarket, Das kleine field recording festival, Berlin
2007: Workshop ‘Tape Art’.  Festival Drap-Art, CCCB,  Barcelona
2007: Installation (audio) Your magnetic lifetime. Radio Aporee, Berlin.
2007: Workshop and interactive performance: Found Tape Art. Festival Eolica 07, Tenerife
2007; Performance: 5 turntables and a record playing fan, el Jacalito, Madrid
2007: Performance: Turntablism Improvisations (with Butoh dancing by Gyohei Zaitsu) Espacio C’est la vie, Madrid
2007: Workshop: Your Magnetic Lifetime, Basurama festival, Valdemoro, Madrid  (3 days)
2006: Performance:  Improvisations on 3 turntables (Butoh dancing : Gyohei Zaitsu), Espacio C’est la vie, Madrid.
2006: Performance: Experimental Turntablism, Eolica 06 festival, Tenerife
2006: Performance: ‘Turntablism Urbana’ (collaboration with Gloria Cadenas), Centro Arte Moderno, Madrid
2006: Electronic Waste installation, Basurama 06 festival Jam session, Valdemoro, Madrid
2006: Performance: Experimental Turntablism , el Ojo Atomico, Madrid
2005: Performance: Experimental Turntablism with ‘Tv Head’ visual piece, Festival Drap – Art, CCCB, Barcelona
2005: Performance: Improvised Turntablism (with Butoh dancing by Gyohei Zaitzu) Espacio Melounge, Madrid
2005: Installation 11 adapted monitors: Electro-mechanical funfair made from scrap (with Javier Pérez Aranda), Tetuán festival, Madrid
1996-7: Romko Project : Experimental turntablism with broken appliances (with Martin Pulford, guitar)
1987: Ongoing Found Tapes series begins

2004: Best Re-use of Scrap, Basurama Festival 04 for installation ‘Your Magnetic Lifetime’ , Casa Encendida, Madrid

Group exhibitions:

2010: Presupuesto 6 Euros: Prácticas artísticas y precariedad, Off limits Gallery, Madrid
2006: The Garden of Paradise made from scrap (with STOP RecyclArt group), el Ojo Atomico, Madrid. 3 Installations: Infierno, All Seeing Eye, Variable rainbow, Feed Your head
2005: STOP ReciclArtists Group Exhibition II. 3 Installations: Variable Rainbow, Disposable  Memories Video, Enlightenment. Espacio Melounge, Madrid
2005: STOP ReciclArtists Group Exhibition I. 3 Installations: Telephones, Your Magnetic Lifetime, Add X to Y.  Espacio  Melounge, Madrid

2005: Co-founder of  S.T.O.P. RecyclArtists, Madrid.
1995-6: Station President L.U.S.T. (Leicester University Student Television). Monthly programme on Cable 7 TV, Leicester

2000: Masters:  Mass Communications (Centre for Mass Communications Research, Leicester University, England)

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