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About EclectikTronik Found Tapes
The archive, (started in 1985), consists of strangers’ home recordings made via microphone onto tapes found dumped in skips and bins, or left in tape machines found at car boot, attic and jumble sales. These are generally unique one-off recordings, ranging from the banal to the disturbing. A certain enigmatic appeal stems from their not being intended for playback by an ‘audience’; the circumstances of their discovery and acquisition lend them a certain fragility, having been ‘saved’ from being lost forever. They are a unique way of viewing a moment, time or place.
FAIR USE POLICY: Note on audio files: As with other content on this site, a fair use policy applies. Use may be made of the material provided that the following conditions are met: a) it shall not be distributed or used in any profit-making enterprise; and b) credit must be given to the EclectikTronik Found Tape Archive. The downloading or usage of the material assumes acceptance of these conditions . POLÍTICA DE USO RAZONABLE: El material de esta página se puede usar siempre y cuando se aplican las siguientes condiciones: a) su uso y/o distribución está sin fin de lucro/educativo; b)se reconoce como fuente EclectikTronik. La descarga o el uso del material supone estar de acuerdo con esas condiciones.
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13r001a. Estimated date of recordings: Dec 1964, Nairobi, Kenya. Track 1: starts with xmas messages to Brian in UK – Willesden Green- from Eldoret, Nairobi – Kenya on the eve of independence. Speaker mentions their plans to stay until mid –january, ‘caretaking in someone’s house’. Then the plan is to move to a hosue 14 miles from Nairobi. Also mentioned is the acquisition of a new Ford Consul Cortina and new horse ‘Teddy’. Wishes sent to Rod and Hilda, Maurice and Edna, Uncle Jack and Aunt Edie, then Vinnie and the kids send messages to Grandad and mother Daphne adds her regards. We learn that the speaker previously worked as a civil servant in the prison system. Side ends with field recording of night noises. Content: Track 2 starts with taped news broadcast. There then follows some chat from Marlene, Justin (‘Busty’), and Vinnie Galindo, including a round of the ‘yes-no game’. Tape ends with new Kenya national Anthem and xmas eve message. After that there is a segment which was recorded by the English recipient in Willesden Green. Taped on the move, ref. To Brian in Chingford. Parrot also speaks.
13r001b13r001b box Birthday mesage tape for Uncle Rod. messages include phone call ordering fowl ‘100 layers’. Hammond organ music interlude follows with speaker singing at times…‘I wish I knew the words’. Then comes a piece from the ‘tape room’, equipped with two machines. We learn that the familymenagerie consists of 5 horses 46 chickens 3 dogs 1 hamster. Speaker hopes Rod will send him a tape of their recent TV appearence on ‘Yes and No’ quiz. Some technological news follows on track 2, a ’machine made voice’ (IBM 704 speech synthesis in the form of the Daisy Bell song from 1962). An avid collector of sonic trivia, he also claims to have the charge of the light brigade, JFK assassimnation complete with Oswald’s murder, and the talking drums of Congo, selections of which are reproduced.
13r001c. Copy at 17/8 ips speed of previous tape. Made by Rod in UK

13r001c box13r001c spine

13r001d. Track 2: Easter message to Rod and Hilda in Ruislip. new 5 acre plot. Outskirts of Nairobi. Ref. Made to Nanny Milne (Scotland). We learn that Rod won his tape recorder on the quiz show. Speaker claims to have sold one of his tape machines – a Uher – now using a Philips. The menagerie now stands at 3 horses 2 dogs 3 cats.
13r001e Recording of quiz show (Rod and Hilda as participants). Taped from TV via microphone with family audible in background. We learn Rod is a hydraulic engineer. Prize won : tape recorder (with ‘piano control keys’ and microphone.
13r001f. Poor copy of 001e. Made at 1 7/8 ips by Rod in UK. Recorded sept 1966 (news).


13r001g Estimated date of recording: November 1964. Formnat: half track mono, speed 17/8ips, 3” spool. Probably recorded on Philips battery recorder. Track 1. Family recordings (Ruislip side) with people in high spirits. The first few minutes consist of someone attempting to deliver a speech giving the date – Wed nov 18th – and collapsing in to laughter. Eventually we learn that ‘Auntie Violet, Gladys Susan and Joan are coming’. There then follows some background recordings, presumably of said gathering. Ends with a taped interview (TV/radio) with Mrs. Wilson (presumably wife of PM) describing her flat near St James’ park. Track 2: Getting children to talk and sing (including Mary Poppins)). This plus the Wilson material date this to post-1964. Side ends with background recordings of the black and white minstrel show, The strum along singers, and Val Doonican, with what appears to be domestic chores being carried out (sounds of plates and furniture being moved). News has coverage of Churchill’s illness, tape ends with a live ‘Baby Love’ (Supremes) on Top of the Pops, dating the recording.
13r001h. Tape starts with Top of the pops (Alan Freeman) – Jimmy Ruffin, Pickettywitch, and Jeff Christie from 1970. Conversation barely audible in background.


13r001i box
13r001i Format: half track mono, speed 1 7/8ips, 3” reel. . Content: clearly recorded on a portable machine,in transit. Brian, and family play darts in the garden. Estimated date of recordings: 20 sept 196? Track 2 has cine film projection with family comments. Mentioned: Butlins at Clacton. Grandpàrents present wishing happy 21st to Brian.
13r001j Copy of one of the Kenya tapes (taped dec 5 1969) presumably made in Ruislip by Rod at 1 7/8 ips. including Waldo the owl. Busty, Vinnie, Marlene and Daphne give xmas /new year wishes for 1969. We learn that the male speaker on the tape is Tony. A brief snippet of news (anti Israel protest in Iraq) , some carols and more family news follow


13r002. Encontrada: Rastro, Madrid. Fecha approx. de grabación: 1980-1986. Contenido: Música /maqueta (batería, bajo, gitarra, voz) – Paco y amigos.. Influencia The Police/Elvis Costello. Títulos posibles: 1. Adios. 2. sin título. 3. Ponerse a caminar. 4. Color Marron
13r003. Encontrada: Rastro, Madrid. Contenido: charla Educación
13r004a Found: ebay lot?. Content: tased business letter from Hong Kong Mr LH Bacon to Mr Robinson, (according to label). Research visit , engineering field. Mr Rose, Mr Pratt, Shaw Bros. (HK), Bobby in Rangoon mentioned. Tape ends with ‘Its a marshmellow world’. Tape very old and wavy, hence drop outs.


13r004b Content: A brief announcment ‘ continuing our talk’ then silence. Later ther e are religious broadcasts recorded via mic. Box has ‘Wild Thyme’ (contact details for Dave Griffiths of Shrewsbury given).

13r004b box

13r004c. Format: quarter track mono, speed 3.75 ips, 5 inch reel. Tape worn. Content: Home music recordings.(voice, guitar accompaniment). Possible title: So hungry
13r004d Format: quarter track mono. Speed 3.75 ips, 5.75 inch reel. Estimated date of recordings: 1971. S1 track 3: Attempts at ‘Space Oddity’ and impressions of Frank Spencer and others. 10 mins’ pop music taped via mic. Some family chatter /kitchen sounds audibile in background. Later had some children taping interviews ‘Ivan community school’) and singing Middle of the Road ‘chirpy cheep cheep’. Accent seems to be UK midlands. Side 2 has more childrens’ recordings (a halting account of a wedding) and some very distorted recordings of glam rock hits (chatter audible in background).


encontrado: 27.1.13 Madrid Rastro. Contenido: lectura. Escuchar:
Encontrado: 16.4.13, Avda. manzanares Madrid. Conteido: voces niños/lectura ABC. escuchar:
Found: 5.7.13, junk shop, Liscard, Wirral, UK. Contents: It is 1982. Byron and family have recently emigrated to Alberta, Canada, but things are not working out too well. He is unable to find much work as a joiner, his wife is stuck at home in an isolated suburb with no public transport, and the local educational system is not suitable for their two girls. As such, the plan is to return to Wirral or Caerphilly. Listen:
Found with 13c003a above. Unclear what relationship is to the speakers on the above cassette of the pair – In-laws on Wirral? listen part 1: listen part 2:
Encontrado: 22.7.13 c/Antonio López, Madrid. Contenido: voces niños, el abuelo Gerardo viene. Escuchar parte 1: esuchar pàrte 2:
Encontrado: 22.7.13 c/Antonio López, Madrid. Contenido: voces niños. escuchar:
Encontrado: 22.7.13 c/Antonio López, Madrid. Contenido: entrevista con un comercial (se autodenomina mayorista), ‘marcol ‘ y ‘segveix’ escritos en la cinta. escuchar:
encontrado: 30.8.13, c/san delfín, madrid. contenido: grabaciones caseras (¿mesa comedor o cocina?) escuchar:
encontrado: sept. 2013, c/San Delfín, Madrid. contenido:
encontrado: c/antonio lópez, madrid, ¿junio 2013? contenido: grabacion con microfono interno , temática: busqueda de enchufes. escuchar:

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