Performance: Found Sounds of the Flohmarkt (2007-8)

(Castellano abajo)

Sound performance /installation.

-Found tape extracts on 4 cassettes

-Field recordings made on portable cassette deck

-3 cassette recorders 

Sound performance presenting material found and/or captured in two Berlin fleamarkets. This performance was given at cake and coffee records, Neukölln, Berlin and was organised by Rinus van Alebeek as part of the ongoing Das kleine Field recordings festival.

Fleamarket: Where the past is revalued, sold and generally given presence. An (unlikely) inspirational place. Surely worthy of further study; it can be viewed as an archaeological site, a place to unearth revealing evidence of societies past, unobtainable elsewhere, whilst simultaneously acting as social space, sound source, workplace and dumping ground for that of the present day.

The performance used the fleamarket as unifying factor for the tapes bought over one morning in Berlin. Several cassette recorders were manipulated playing extracts from these Found Tapes through their inbuilt speakers, spontaneously cutting diverse types of material together,(from the banal to the disturbing – see below)  all the while set against a lower-level sound environment/ background of field recordings of the market space taped on the days when the found recordings were obtained.

Performance Sounds

(image: aRTELEKU soinumapa)

Extract from live performance with 3 cassette players, at das kleine field recordings festival, Berlin 2008. Recording courtesy of Nicolas Perret of Hotel Gromala.

Part 1
Part 2
Conversation/brief interview.

Audiolab/soinumapa review/ write-up (Dia 2)



This pair of answering machines, complete with the ‘need repairing’ label, was picked up off the ground in the Mauerpark fleamarket in August 2007.

One has a microcassette full of messages to the errant Andrei, onetime resident of Hamburg with a doting mutter in Berlin. We get a fairly comprehensive glimpse into Andrei’s world, and get to know the voices of lots of friends who want to do some ‘quatschen’. Also Silvia , awaiting him at the Strandhotel, poor Uli who is in hospital, Christian who enquires about how the recovery of his driver license went, a sexy female wake up call at 8:37 – and also at 11:05, Gabi who is on the way, a posh English girl calling from south east Asia whilst trekking, crazyOlli having fun in Dusseldorf, Rita who desperately needs his post code, and a rather tetchy neighbour who wants to problem with the wall resolved as soon as possible. How’s that for a metaphor of cold-war Berlin?!


Here we go back to 1974. A tape containing a series of seminars / talks on migrant workers around the world : Hong kong, Uganda, USA, Northern Europe and South Africa.Guest speakers were invited from the aforementioned countries to give their impressions.Speakers include Mr.Janani Luwum, Archbishop of Uganda Anglican church who, three years after this recording, was murdered, allegedly by Idi Amin’s men.

The talks are in German with ongoing English translation. This event was held at the Kreuzberg ‘Passionsgemeinde’ church.


Further materials 

4 ORWO (WOLFEN)cassettes from the ‘Friedrich Engels People’s Own Cassette Factory’ in Premnitz. content: reform socialist seminars of the FDJ. Audio on Tapes 2008 page.



Karl’s birthday, 1973. Karl ‘s parents celebrate his birthday by making a recording and praising God a lot. Audio on Tapes 2008 page.


Versión en castellano:

Instalación sonora presentando material sonora encontrado y capturado en dos rastros de Berlin. La actuacíon tuvo lugar en el sello cake and Coffee records, Neu kölln, Berlin y fue organizado por Rinus Van Alebeek (‘Das kleine Field recordings Festival’).


El trabajo emplea el rastro de Berlin como fuerza unificador y generador de contexto para una selección de grabaciones caseras encontradas, que en si careían de un contexto claro. El ‘flohmarkt’: Un sitio dónde el pasado se revaloriza, puesto a la venta, y tiene una presencia constante.


Sounds of the Flohmarkt  consiste en varias grabadoras de cassette, manipuladas en directo, reproduciendo extractos de las cintas encontradas a traves de sus altavoces internos. Con un fondo de ruido ambiental grabado en el propio mercado.Texto de Soinumapa /Arteleku aquí




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