Video Installations (various 2005- present)

Velazquez 100 (2014).

Site specific event held in semi-vacated flat in c/velazquez, march 2014

Narrative construction for two televisions  and audio cassette recorder.





All-seeing eyes of the creators – Video installation, El Ojo Atomico, 2006

ALL-SEEING EYES (Ojos que todo lo ven)

Installation, video,  8 scrap TVs.  Made for junk garden of Eden, with S.T.O.P. reciclartistas group, April 2006.

Construction motif in keeping with the theme of the event: A pyramid as a symbol of strength and duration, God overseeing nature,  yet with sinister side, since the pyramid/eye is also present on the dollar bill (considered of course by many as the ‘root of all evil’):

“The Eye is positioned above an unfinished pyramid with thirteen steps,  representing the original thirteen states and the future growth of the country. The lowest level of the pyramid shows the year 1776  in Roman numerals. The combined implication is that the Eye, or  God, favors the prosperity of the United States.”   source:wikipedia

In this piece, the symbolism is also subverted in a rather tongue-in cheek way; the video eyes in the pyramid being those of the various artists involved in this garden ‘creation’.

Video-instalación hecha con aparatos de la basura.

-8 televisores modificados

-1 video vhs Pelicula ‘Ojo’ (2001-2006) en modo repetición.

-Sistema de retransmisión analógica.

La instalación consiste en una pirámide  de dos dimensiones hecha con varios televisores antiguos. En sus pantallas se proyectan grabaciones del ojo humano. Representa la construcción;  la pirámide que representa fortaleza y duración, el ojo de Dios, como la fuerza que mueve el universo, omnipresente sobre la naturaleza, pero con un lado oscuro: tambien aparece en el billete de dólar, el dinero considerado por muchos como el origen de toda maldad.

El símbolismo del la pieza se ve ‘adulterado’ de manera algo irónica, ya que los ojos de la pirámide son los de los miembros del colectivo artístico responsable por la ‘creación’ del jardín.

Nam June Paik ‘guerilla’ remix

Remix Of Nam June Paik Screens Into Various Shades Of Grey and Black, Feb 2007

Remezcla Pantallas Nam June Paik En Varios Tonos de Gris Y Negro, Feb. 2007

An Eclectiktronik action event in the spirit of Fluxus. Bold highlights by Eclectiktronik

“Fluxus art was often presented in “events”, which Fluxus member George Brecht defined as “the smallest unit of a situation”.[1][10] (…) Also contributing to the randomness of events was the integration of audience members into the performances, realizing Duchamp’s notion of the viewer completing the art work.[11]

The Fluxus artistic philosophy can be expressed as a synthesis of four key factors that define the majority of Fluxus work:

  1. Fluxus is an attitude. It is not a movement or a style.[12]
  2. Fluxus is intermedia.[13] Fluxus creators like to see what happens when different media intersect. They use found and everyday objects, sounds, images, and texts to create new combinations of objects, sounds, images, and texts.
  3. Fluxus works are simple. The art is small, the texts are short, and the performances are brief.
  4. Fluxus is fun. Humour has always been an important element in Fluxus.”

The Paik restrospective in central Madrid with  TV screens (remotely controllable from the street, with the right equipment) proved too much to resist…


Variable rainbow

Interactive audio-video piece using car radio activated by various sources (dynamos on bikes, etc) feeding a number of modified PC monitors, intensity of signal producing more or less screen output.

monitor rack solo
As used in Electro- mechanical Amusement park (with Javier Perez Aranda, Tetuan, Madrid 2005)

Installation exhibited in STOP Group exhibition Melounge, Madrid, 2005.
Installation exhibited in El Ojo Atomico, Madrid 2006

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