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Below is a list of  Eclectiktronik releases, designed for the cassette format, in chronological order. Each is issued on a limited run of cassettes,  using re-used/recycled materials,  and printed by hand.


Please note: NLA= No Longer Available.

Price: 7€ per release,  including shipping/P&P.  Discount for multiple purchases – please ask!

– The above price is Europe only. Non-European buyers please contact for quote.  Payment to be made via PayPal.

To place an order, send an email stating album(s) required and quantity to the address printed on the cassette below :

Eclectiktronik releases


First Original Spanish Nationalist Drive – In Church And Bank (limited edition, Oct 2018)

Una pieza sonora, hecha como siempre con grabaciones de cintas encontradas y manipuladas: “First Original Spanish Nationalist Drive In Church And Bank – Spanish Study 1983-2018”.

Un artista pasa sus ratos libres trasteando con aparatos de grabación en casa, y buscando ‘grabaciones caseras’ en cintas antiguas, en tiendas de segunda mano, rastrillos y mercadillos, contenedores… Con ellas construye narrativas sonoras con la ayuda de reproductores modificados y técnicas de empalme y distorsión.

El día despues de que el partido de extrema derecha Vox llena su barrio de sus simpatizantes en un evento, ese artista encuentra casualmente(?) cinco cintas a dos calles del auditorio. Son una cápsula de tiempo, un retrato sonoro de la extrema derecha, llena de ineptitud, realizada a principios de los años 80. Ese material, junto con unas grabaciones hechas en septiembre y octubre 2018, se recombinaron para crear esta pieza.

First Original Spanish Nationalist Drive In Church And Bank – Spanish Study 1983-2018 es una obra atípica, llena de giros inesperados, en la que se mezclan el soundscape, musique concrète, spoken word y el documento histórico/social, estableciendo paralelos entre la cultura política de dos épocas desde una visión contemporánea y crítica. Tambien se podría considererla como una pieza conceptual, donde los elementos son conectados entre si por una narrativa absurda; mas bien, enmarañados por la propia ineptitud de las narradoras, gracias a las cuales existe la obra.

Este día 12 de Octubre por la tarde, se estrenará la versión completa de First Original Spanish Nationalist Drive In Church And Bank – Spanish Study 1983-2018 en un ambiente íntimo; planteando una reflexión sobre el rumbo de los desarrollos actuales. Despues de la presentación, se entregaran ejemplares (cintas) númeradas y firmadas de recuerdo a cada asistente. Listen (clip)


Edición limitada a 12 copias númeradas y firmadas. Los 12 bucles (0:20 cada uno) de la instalación organizados en una cinta.

013 – UNIT AUDIO (2017, Staaltape release)

“Ben Roberts’ – Unit Audio is a C40 tape, recorded at original speed with a Marantz CP430 from a 4track master tape. The quality is chrome.

Here’s the text that Ben and I wrote together.

Ben Roberts is a British expat living in Madrid. He has been fascinated by everything regarding magnetic tape since his youngest years. This resulted in building a huge archive of found tapes. As an artist Ben uses the tapes in installations and live shows. Sounds of different origins and ages are blended with (or hurled against) each other.
i. Found tapes recorded by strangers, and functioning or signifying in some bygone cultural context; surviving audio remnants of a time that doesn’t exist anymore.
ii. TV/Radio/music extracts: To introduce occasional fragments of externally-referenced meaning into the pieces.
iii. Mechanical or tape-sounds: Due to material ageing, breakdown or modification, the original functional identity of the sound is nearly or completely obscured.
The combinations produce meanings above and beyond anything the individual parts may have had. Narratives that put us in direct contact with historic events as they unfold in every day life.

In addition I say:
The precise use and choice of fragments, the delicacy and awareness in attitude towards the use of found material and most important of all, the artistic approach add a touch of ‘sehnsucht’, an almost mystic glow to the sound.

Unit Audio ignites your imagination. It makes you wander over paths that almost got covered by the forgetfulness of our times.” –Rinus van Alebeek


  1. DadaRoy
  2. Enseñame (Show Me)
  3. DadaSermon
  4. The Anxious Echo
  5. Enajenación
  6. Involucrame
  7. Death Bed
  8. Organiza tu despedida
  9. Psicotécnicadiscoteca

Available through Staaltape

12 – ep#2 (2017). Recorded at GRS MADRID’s event at MEDIALAB-PRADO, this EP is the first live performance of tape and vinyl compositions produced during the period 2014-17. Several of the pieces can be found in another form on Unit Audio or Francisco López’ s AUDIOMAD DVD. EP2 is available as standard and PijoPak parody edition (the latter limited to 10 signed copies made out of recycled brand name packaging – a truly individually unique mass production package). Tracks: 1. Compra mis tragedias 2. Enajenación 3. Anxious Echo 4. Tape comet 5. Jaki (tribute to Jaki Liebezeit)

   cover relsprod5 cu

011 – relations of production. (Jun 2014).

This album was assembled from a live improvisation with Gyohei Zaitsu (Butoh dance) in Barcelona, 2013. Constructed from reel to reel and cassette loops and modified vinyl. It continues the theme of disintegrating socio-economic relations, partially explored here with taped narrative cutups, obscure historical/literary insights into Barcelona’s working class. Yet it could just as well be a soundtrack for today, an artistic response to the collapse of a society fed on delusions of global consumer democracy, and rapidly losing belief in its own future.

“No one can say with certainty where the unravelling of the financial and commercial fabric of our economies will end….it is, it seems, our turn to be brought up short by contact with untamed reality. We live in an age in which familiar restraints are being kicked away, and foundations snatched from under us. After a quarter century of complacency, in which we were invited to believe in bubbles that would never burst, prices that would never fall, the end of history … Hubris has been introduced to Nemesis. Now a familiar human story is being played out. It is the story of an empire corroding from within. It is the story of a people who believed, for a long time, that their actions did not have consequences. It is our story.” – extracted from Hine & Kingsnorth, Dark Mountain Manifesto .

1. Live Rot, Parts I and II. 
2. Slowly Warping.
3. Alegre Vida. 
4. Sé Atenta. 
5. Those Who Would Groove. 
6. We Burn Thin Cars. 
7. Relaciones de Producción.
8. Mr. Wonderbrain. 
9. My Dreams Are Distorted. 
10. Nocturnal Mammal House.


ep1 cover front

010 – EP#1  (Feb 2014).

Note: ɘldiƨɿɘvɘɿ ƨi ɔiƨum ɘʜT

Four collages edited from live event at SoundIsVirus, Dec.2012:  “Dubious telephone conversations, apocalyptic prophecies, didactic surrealism and money making schemes from tapes found in skips, bins and fleamarkets are spliced between hypnotic loops via manipulated vinyl records.  //

Cuatro cortes sonoros editado de un directo en Sound IsVirus, 2012.  Conversaciones telefónicas de dudosa legalidad, apocalípticas profecías, surrealismo didáctico, esquemas de hacer dinero…los extráctos de cintas encontradas en la basura, en la calle y en mercadillos de segunda mano son ensambladas mediante hipnóticos bucles de discos de vinilo manipulados.”


1.Sin Sentidos (No Senses). 

2. Spanish Empresarios / Residuos Indeseables  (Unwanted Waste).

 3. Culpables (Guilty Ones). 

4. Socorro Dentro De Ti (Help Within).

009 – Generation Loss  (Nov.2012)

“This album was assembled from two live shows held at c’est la vie, Madrid, June 2012, using three modified turntables and two cassette players and a selection of found spoken voice tapes. Their thematic content ranges from capitalists’ phone conversations, lunatic religious and political discourses to kitchen-table philosophy.

One show was a joint event with the marvellous Campo de Interferencias and Equipo Elevador; the other, ‘Analogue happening II’, again used the speakers in a number of modified found/dumped TV sets to distribute the sound in the venue (the first of these AH shows is captured on the ‘Perspective’ album).”

1. We’ll never learn – Part 1, 2
2. Residuos indeseables – Part 1 
3. Rethinking.
4. Residuos indeseables – Part 2. 
5. Dismal consequences.
6. At least six hours per day. 
7. Nada. 
8. Por las malas. 
9. It just couldn’t happen here. 
10. By fire. 
11. Engaging. 
12. Again


008 -Perspective (2011):

“This album is a recording of a live performance (January 2011) using two modified turntables, a record playing fan and two cassette recorders. Material used : found audio tapes and vinyl records. It was held in a filthy basement/cave with no flooring or a  P.A. system; the audio was transmitted using the internal speakers of 26 found TV sets. In order to maximise your enjoyment of this album, every effort should be made to recreate these listening conditions.”


A1. The capitalist suite:

  1. Palampino en Paro
  2. The shoemaker’s lesson
  3. Generation conflict : Pt.1 You and Them/ Pt.2 Somewhere Music

A2. The I.T. Suite

  1. My 1966 PC dream
  2. I predict the I-pad
  3. I predict the Internet

B1. The leisure suite

  1. Afternoon habits
  2. No Hay TV
  3. Leave your home in Palestine

B2. The cave suite

  1. Cave music Parts 1, 2, 3.


007 – (Un)criticaltimes (2009)


  1. Scimitar Cutline
  2. Eluant criticism
  3. Clumsier Titanic
  4. Certain Music Lit
  5. Tune Circa Limits
  6. Gasolina
  7. Arctic Smile Unit
  8. Recital Music Tin
  9. Circuits Ailment
  10. La retribución del artista


006 – 5 Turntables, 1 Fan (2007)


005 – (Untitled  – Butoh Day 1,2, 3) (2006) ( original release NLA; re-edition planned)


004 – Urbana /Paraiso (2006) (NLA )


003 – Turntablism adventures (2006) (NLA)

002 – Live at melounge, II (2005) (NLA)

001 – Live at Melounge, Madrid. (2005) (NLA)

Also available elsewhere:

2015: ‘Don’t talk at the disco’ by Rinus van Alebeek.


Features some remixed EclectikTronik material on side 2. Info

2014:  Audio-MAD, 100 audio artists from Madrid. comp. Francisco López.


2x DVD. Features one commissioned EclectikTronik piece. Info

2010: ‘60 seconds’ comp. by David Sait.


Apprise records, Canada 2010. Features one commissioned EclectikTronik piece.  more info…

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