Turntablism – performances w/ modified turntables 2004- present

Below is a collection of images and footage from concerts using specially adapted record players and other analogue sound media to produce sonic textures and new sound environments.

The ‘found audio material’ is used as the basis for improvisations and is prepared in various ways:  Records are  etched, marked, glued, warped, stickered and painted. Usually these sounds are combined with extracts from the Found Tapes Archive. The performances thus fuse elements of the leftovers of mass consumption with fragments of unique recorded sound documents of which it can often be safely assumed that only one copy exists. Playback machines have been previously modified by the artist,  producing new sonic textures not conceived by the original manufacturers. The audience is then faced with a new sound environment, a spontaneous ‘recycled symphony’ which, in interactive events,  they themselves are invited to participate in making.

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Images from performance at Sound Is Virus (Arash Moori), 2013:

siv2012 2 siv2012 1


Images of performance at CCCB (DrapArt festval), 2005:

Video here

Performance in CAM Gallery, Madrid, (collaboration with Gloria Cadenas on visuals), 2006 (Click stills to see videos):


Images from performance in Junk  garden of Eden, El Ojo Atomico, Madrid, 2006:


Images from performance at Open Night El Jacalito, 2007:


Images from performance at Sala Basico, Madrid, organized by Tronicdisease, 2009

Video here

Images from ‘Analogue happening’ performance at La Tabacalera, Madrid, 5.1.2011

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